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MMOEXP;Christmas was a little earlier for WoW?
The numbers were likely to be larger than the number of people who showed up for the 2007 Burning Crusade launch at the same location. Even though the official figures haven't been made public,WoW cataclysm Gold the line that spanned the entire length of the store was much longer prior to the doors opened than it was for the event last year and was not slowing down even after the doors opened. Hundreds of fans showed up shortly after midnight.

The event was led with Paul Sams, Blizzard's chief operating officer. He turned the crowd into a bit of a frenzy just after midnight, delivering regular shout-outs for Horde as well as Alliance players in the raucous crowd. Being a true-blood troll this reporter was disappointed the Alliance cheers were louder however it is what it is.

Sams wasn't the sole prominent Blizzard presence at the event. Lee Sparks, an associate producer for WoW?Cataclysm?Classic, was present to autograph copies of the game along with Sams when the tills were opened.

A few of the thousands who were waiting said they [url=https://www.mmoexp.com/Wow-cata-classic/Gold.html][/url]had queued for up to 36 hours. Two of the people who was at the top of the line, Scott Hamshere from Bromley was so overwhelmed by the excitement, he went to sleep just after entering the gates.Click below to see our complete of pictures from the event of the launch, and be sure you check Start/Select next Monday to see our full of the event's launch.
US is feeling Wrath of Lich King launch

Christmas was a little earlier for WoW?Cataclysm?Classic fans tonight as the second expansion of WoW?Cataclysm?Classic, Wrath of the Lich King which is available worldwide. The game was released in North America, P2Pah held midnight "Lunar Game Fests" at more than 3500 locations across the country to launch Wrath of the Lich King at 12:00 a.m. In San Francisco, the retailer held a street fair at its Powell Street location, where around 600 people--and only about a dozen cosplayers--gathered.

The night, however, was all about the next episode of the WoW?Cataclysm?Classic saga, that will include a brand-new realm, boost the cap on levels to 80 and consume millions of hours during the first week. "I arrived here at 4 at 4 o'clock," said Jeff Poole 37, who had already had the next five days off in order to bring his powerful dwarf to the top of the line. "My boss is a total rock and he's very aware of the situation."

Standing in queue with the players who had purchased the game prior to the midnight deadline, Poole was already salivating throughout his next 12 hours. "I'm an avid fan of questing, I'm a huge quester and I've heard that the expansion really boosted the plot," he said, being giddy but calm in the same breath. "I'm an inept player and try to avoid it as often as I am able to."

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