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I dont think you have to worry about not getting Diablo 4
I dont think you have to worry about not getting Diablo 4. Because at the onset of the announcement of Diablo 4 Gold, he states that there are many studio teams working on different Diablo 4 games. And Diablo 4 is one of these. And it's a Diablo 4 sport that is portable. I think one of those teams are operating on Diablo 4. I hope so. I dont think they're really so dumb to miss out in that mutch money. Cause they understand that everybody wants Diablo 4 to pc and consoles. But I think it was wrong of them to declare this game at blizzcon.Honestly, I don't care about positives in this circumstance. Diablo 4 revealed they don't care about their core audience and platform and what we want. They rather want to milk the oriental markets.

I really don't care if it gets other people into the match, I do not trust any new games to be true to the original IP. If we got Diablo 4, then it probably would have had any insidious microtransaction crap in it, but we would have given it a grumbling pass because Diablo 4. Since they didn't go that path, they showed what's most important to them, and it isn't showing they know their fan base or wish to cater to their own fans.I would favor when Diablo 4 only died here and now. Allow it to rest as a legendary game series rather than the shit. PoE and Grim Dawn would be the future now.I'm so insulted in the aftermath of this, I was fairly annoyed at the first place but now some fool sjw's are claiming that Diablo 4 fans are sexist because women play Diablo IV games?!?!?! I'm a woman and I've played Diablo 4 because I was 6 I've never even touched a Diablo IV gameI can honestly say I was frustrated at Diablo 4 3 and today Diablo 4 have lost me as a lover I won't be purchasing any of their Diablo 4 future releases.

I enjoy your videos a great deal and I love you attempting to look at this . The one issue with objectivity within this situation is actions speak louder than words. Diablo 4 needs a consistent revenue flow for your Diablo 4 franchise. They partnered with the other other company to outsource a version to save cost, create a system with micro trades to achieve this goal. And it will happen. Regrettably you tubers and lovers that already bought D3 do not bringing in new revenue. The difficulty I have is the subtle manipulation and disingenuousness Diablo 4 decided to show for their fan base. Diablo 4 is not the difficulty as you understand. It's the blatant disregard for the passion the fans have for your franchise. That's the larger picture and I believe most men and women get what's happening. Now it is just waiting to see if Diablo 4 will adhere to their own client feedback. But I will not hold my breath.

Don't blame devs with this thrash. It isn't devs decision to pick the platform and the crowd - it's purely business decision. I am dev myself and that I hear a great deal of words that are sour pointed . Individuals must understand that programmers are only doing their job so if match is crappy, laggish and bugged then probably it's development team who failed to deliver high quality product, but this may also happen if there's a lot of trade-offs that are caused largely because of impossible deadlines or incompetent project managers.Obviously Blizz resources were used. I'm worried about monetization in this Diablo IV game. Its deplorably in GOOD games. I imagine they are using this to help finance D4 dev but guy... Why not simply drop a D2 mobile reboot and tf would you pronounce it at blizzcon? . Btw were doing so... Check out it' Kind of announcement. Its real!" ?

It's worse than the rise of gaming platforms. buy Diablo 4 Gold Now that the younger people don't watch the news , the institutions around the world have found methods to control us matches. That's why they mostly use the abandoned to politicize their schedule . This is the main reason why an increasing number of games suck nowadays. The narrative helpless and are becoming edgy. Quantity is climbing above amount. Old platforms are being abandoned and new ones that were unfriendly are being standardized. All in the name of this devilish'shift' .

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