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MMOexp: There's so much going on at once
There's so much going on at once, and it's all over so fast that it's hard to tell exactly what happened or who struck the killing blow. You can check out this chaotic and abrupt encounter for Diablo 4 Gold yourself below.

Louder than ever, Diablo 4 players are begging for a gem pouch | MMOEXP


As Diablo 4 enters its first weekend in Early Access, players' desperate cries for a separate inventory pouch for gems is intensifying.

Adding Diablo 4 gems to your gear is a great way to make your build more powerful without having to swap out your favorite weapons and armor - so long as they're socketed. Gems will drop from pretty much everywhere in Diablo 4, which is 99% a good thing, but the 1% that's bad, at least in the community's eyes, is that they can take up a lot of inventory space. Right now, they're just added to your normal inventory along with the rest of your gear, and players have been begging for a way to contain them somewhere else since the beta days.

Pleas give us a gem pouch from r/diablo4
Now, on the first full day of Diablo 4 early access, a Reddit thread imploring Blizzard to "please give us a gem pouch" is one of the most popular on the sub, with almost 3 thousand upvotes and 500 comments largely in agreement. "Please Blizzard at buy Diablo 4 Gold level 23 and I’m so sick of gems taking up half my inventory slots," says Redditor AndrewWOz. "It’s literally the only thing I’d change right now, everything else is awesome."

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